Cigarette Bins

Is cigarette waste costing your business money?

Unsightly areas putting customers off...paying staff to clean up...damage to outside furniture?

cigarette litter

Since the smoking ban come into force England 1st July 2007 and Scotland 1st March 2006, special areas have been set-up outside to allow smokers to continue without affecting non-smokers.  This has proved to be a great comprimise, but has led to a concentration of the unavoidable waste from cigarettes.  Therefore, in order to help maintain a good clean area, cigarette bins are needed more than ever. can supply a wide range of Cigarette Bins which are designed for ease of use and very economically priced.

Within this range you can choose between a dedicated cigarette bin or one of our litter and cigarette combination bins.  The combination bins are very popular, due to the fact that smokers also have a requirement for general rubbish, rather than cigarette waste specifically.

All the bins are designed and manufactured to provide excellent longevity and ease of maintenance.

When selecting a bin it is important to consider the following:

1) Location of the bin, will it be subjected to weathering?
2) Capacity, how often will it need emptying?
3) Do you need to combine the bin with one for general litter and rubbish?
4) Do you require the bin to stand out or be a little more subtle?

Stubber Plate - Hooded Bin


Stubber Plate - Pillar Bin - Floor


Stubber Plate - Pillar Bin - Wall


Wall Mounted Cigarette Bin 450


Floor Mounted Cigarette Bin 930


Free standing high capacity aluminium cigarette bin


Fire Sand Bin - 2 cu ft - 50 Litre


Best value cigarette bin


Lobby style cigarette bin

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