Fire Sand Bin - 2 cu ft - 50 Litre

Fire Sand Bin - 2 cu ft - 50 Litre

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Compact box to hold a good quantity of sand or other fire fighting compounds.

Ideal for petrol forecourts, factories, warehouses and it’s essential for all smoking shelters.

Designed for bulk storage of fire sand and other fire fighting compounds.

  • Capacity 50 litres
  • Maintenance-free, all plastic design
  • Constructed from high impact resistant plastic
  • Resistant to most chemicals


Width: 590mm
Depth: 420mm
Height (At back): 450mm

Wide mouth and slim line design

This fire sand bin is designed with a wide mouth for easy access to the contents and slim line shape for position flexibility.

Stackable, Rugged, Elegant

The bins are able to be stacked up to six high and this enables a very efficient use of both storage and transportation space.

Durable, rugged construction

The bins are made from UV resistant and durable polyethylene that makes a rugged and water tight container for a wide range of contents.

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