Kids Waste Watcher recycling bin

Kids Waste Watcher recycling bin

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The Kids waste watcher range is extremely popular with schools, these bins really encourage recycling from an early age.

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The Kids Waste Watcher bin range is an ideal solution to encourage separation of waste and recycling with a mixture of lids, clear and simple signage.   With attractive and bold signage these recycling bins are a great way to encourage and raise awareness of the need to recycle.

  • Attractive and space-saving, slim style
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Clearly marked lids and labels to enable quick and easy separation.
  • Internal bag hooks keep bag hidden and ensures a tidy look
  • Bin can be either blue or yellow
  • Lids can be either red or yellow
  • Attractive sticker pack included
  • Adhesive signs included

The Waste Watcher Recycling System is available in 5 different lid options for segregation of the waste stream.

Capacity: 87 litres, D:508mm, W:279mm, H:762mm.

Bag hooks are incorporated inside the body - no unsightly bag visible. Excellent for high traffic areas, attractive and space efficient.

Lid Options

Mixed, Paper, Solid, Can/Bottles and General

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