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Beca Bin Plastic Cup Recycling Bin

Beca Bin Plastic Cup Recycling Bin
£107.50 (inc. VAT) £89.58 (ex. VAT)
Brand: Beca
Product Code: GENWAST4
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The Beca Bin Plastic Cup Recycling Bin is made from durable polyethylene with an ABS plastic top. The base is available in charcoal or silver supplied with a large recycling "Cups Only" pictogram.

Purposed designed to use the "stackability" of used disposable cups to minimise their volume and to collect any associated waste liquid for disposal.

The unit has a central funnel for waste liquid, which collects in the base bin ready for emptying. Cups are then placed in one of the outer collection chutes thereby being automatically restacked ready for recycling or disposal.

The standard Beca-Bin not only helps keep the workplace tidy but by reducing the volume of disposable cups by around 75% also reduces cleaning and waste management costs, whilst introducing the possibility of recycling.

Capacity: Holds just under 500 hundred standard 7oz cups. Max Cup diameter 79mm.

Dimensions (max): D: 354mm W: 354mm H: 570mm

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