Eco Bank Cup Bank

Eco Bank Cup Bank

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A recycling bin for plastic cups, with a generous capacity for 700 cups and a liquid collection flask of 5 litres.

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Manufactured from polyethylene and ABS the unit is highly durable. There is a separate funnel for any waste liquid, which collects in a removable flask for ease of emptying. This unique waste liquid collection flask reduces spillages through split bags, reduces the weight of the bottles and facilitates recycling. The flask has a wide opening which facilitates easy cleaning. Supplied with pictogram together with clear signage which encourages correct use.

Capacity - 700 x Standard 7oz Cups

Max Diameter of cup - 94MM

Capacity of Liquid Collection - 5 Litres

Dimensions - ( Max ) : W- 475MM X D - 490MM X H- 805MM

Colour - Lid - Black, Red or Green.

Colour - Base - Granite, Green, Black or Blue.

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