In addition to our standard products, we also offer custom-made items. If you require a bespoke design then we can provide a technical and design facility along with mould manufacture and subsequent product realisation.

Over the years we have helped develop and brought to market many different projects for our wide range of customers. We also manufacture a wide variety of bins for other companies who will then sell the products under their own brand names.

This process involves an initial consultation to discuss the customer’s basic design or idea, whereby our design and technical department can advise and guide you. Once the basic idea and concept is agreed upon, we would then provide you with quotations for both the mould to produce the product and the actual price of the finished product. If at this stage you would like to proceed then we would design the product and have the mould made, subsequently providing you with your required product.

At our rotational moulding manufacturing facility based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, UK we operate a 19,000 sq ft factory working on a 24-hour basis, 5 days a week. As a manufacturer we offer the following capabilities:

Technical and design

All products are designed utilising the latest CAD Solid Works 3D design package.

Mould Manufacture

We can provide this service due to the relationships we have working very closely with the most advanced and highly technical mould making companies in the UK.


We have the ability to manufacture a product from 1 litre in volume up to 7000 litres. Our Imp Bin range is only one part of our manufacturing ability. We manufacture many complex and demanding products, including:

Water tanks – from 450 Litres to 7000 Litres.
Domestic oil storage tanks – From 1200 litres to 7000 litres.
Tanks for vehicles – Oil, diesel and water Tanks.
Planters – Both for the domestic and commercial markets.
Food Containers – Both industrial and commercial.
Hoppers – For food and medicine.


We offer this service to many of our existing customers, from simple parts such as bins to complex 7000 litre oil tanks.