Bottle Bins

Bottle Bins/Trolleys (Bottle Skips) are ideal for use in pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels for transporting and storing empty bottles, glasses and general waste. Our range of bottle bins are available with or without wheels and in a variety of colours. All of our Bottle Bins have tapered sides, enabling easy stacking and storage. They are designed with a rolled over lip to ensure strength and ease of handling. Each Bottle Bin has a smooth interior for ease of cleaning and can be supplied with x2 fixed and x2 swivel castors for easy transportation. Made from Polyethylene, a tough and durable material, UV stabilised and guaranteed not to fade for up to 10 years.

Bottle Bin - 125 Litres


Bottle Bin - 140 Litres


Bottle Bin - 160 Litres


Bottle Bin - 300 Litres


Bottle Bin - 400 Litres


Catering Bin - 60 litres


Catering Bin - 100 litres

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